What happens during a hat reading?

At our studio, we embark on a remarkable journey, one that transcends the world of hats and delves into the depths of your inner self. It all begins with a portrait where I focus on capturing your essence rather than your physical features. 

As I sketch, profound observations naturally emerge, inspired by the expression taking shape on the canvas or the thoughts that flow through my mind as I work. These observations lead to a deep and honest conversation about you.

Once the portrait is complete, we transition to a reading, a ritual that reveals the layers of your being. It is here that we unveil the canvas of your soul, exposing your authentic self beneath the surface. This revelation serves as the foundation upon which we design a hat that resonates with your essence, your lifestyle, and your unique identity.

Join me in our studio, where we can embark on this profound exploration together and craft a hat that celebrates the beautiful complexity of who you are.

Please note that Hat Reading is an in-person experience, exclusively offered at our NYC studio.

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