Behind my Lightness of Being Collection there is a spiritual journey, a path of regression, revelation, and realization. An exploration of my most profound self began years ago with a yearning and sensibility to what could unravel beneath my own awareness of who I was. It started through a variety of creative expressions where I fought the conventionalities of setting a desired result, and instead allowed myself to find the rhythm of my own language. Gradually, I took off on letting the burden of ideals and expectations go. I could tell I was reaching a higher level of consciousness through my drawing– my subconscious unraveling over the shadow of a place long forgotten. I began to hear my inner voice and through my drawings grasp what she was saying to me. An entity on her own, she told me about my sorrow and the calm in it. In this portrait of her I revealed what she came to show me– the power to grow into my most pure and fulfilled state of being.

I saw so much of myself in the way her eyes lit up, eyes waiting to be found, attentive to what was to come. As I flourished into my own authenticity, sunflowers bloomed around the windows to her soul taking in the sunlit beams. This natural gesture seemed so evident to me as the connection between the terrestrial and the divine– a third eye awaiting it’s opportunity to become alive. Her face divided but whole, spoke of the duality of life, of being, of one self’s  integration. She embraced it so proudly that it allowed the battling forces of femininity and masculinity to finally be at peace– at last in love with themselves to become one whole. Her brilliance and sincerity was the culmination of my connection to my most authentic self, my touch of light and my appreciation of being. 

In telling an experience there’s an endeavor to thrust inward and flow. I recognize my journey and my path, my beginning and origins, only to acknowledge and move on to what can transcend and transform. 

Self Portrait by Mariela Alexandra, Founder and Creative Director