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Color : Navy

Shipping : 1-4 weeks


- Velour felt
- Smooth finish
- Stiffened body
- Exceptional quality


1. To measure the circumference of your head you must start by placing the tape at the center of your forehead, 1 cm above your eyebrows.

2. Continue circling the tape around your head right above your ears .

3. And then to the most prominent point at the back of your head.

4. Continue until you are back to 1cm above your eyebrows.

5. Hold the tape firmly but not too tightly.


- Store your hat in a dry/cold place and avoid direct light to prevent it from losing its shape
- If you have several hats, do not stack them on top of each other
- Do not leave your hat inside your car for too long. Heat could cause shrinking
- Take the dust off your hat by brushing it with a soft bristled brush, counter-clockwise
- Remove the fuzz with a sticky-lint roller or tape
- Clean your hat with a soft cloth with mild water
- Avoid heavy rain
- If your hat gets wet, let it dry naturally

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100% handmade

Through meticulous craftsmanship, each hat is hand shaped and finished at our local studio in Mexico.

fitting guarantee

Each hat has a standard Size Chart and a "how to measure" photo so you can measure your head and order the right one for you.

ask us anything

If you have any question don't hesitate to ask. Send us a WhatsApp or an E-mail and we will answer you as soon as posible.